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                          CAC International to be global leading supplier of agrochemicals and specialty chemicals


                          CAC International specializes in the development of crop protection and new materials. Based on its technologies, products, good manufacturing management experience and international market reputation, the company carries out the independent sales and customization business of its products for global customers, becoming a group manufacturing enterprise with a strong market competitiveness in core products.

                          CAC International has been awarded various honorary titles such as“National High-tech Enterprise”“China Pesticide Industry Technology Innovation Award”“China Top 500 Chemical Enterprise”“China Top 100 Pesticide Manufacturing Enterprise”“China Top 100 Pesticide Sales Enterprise”and“Top 10 Responsible Care Enterprise in Pesticide Industry.”
                          Since its establishment in 1992, the company has always adhered to the core values of “Integrity-based, Team Winning, Cost First and Innovation for Far-Reaching,”the pioneering spirit and the courage to explore to make great progress in manufacturing, technology innovation and market development.
                          It has set up four production bases in Nantong Rudong, Xuzhou Xinyi, Suzhou Xiangcheng and Jiangxi Xingan with high QESH standards, and an R&D center for new pesticides led by well-known experts, doctors and masters. The company also has core technology teams of ammonia oxidation, chlorination, hydrogenation and fluorination to undertaken a number of national R&D projects for the 12th Five-Year and 13th Five-Year programs as well as national “863 Plan”projects.
                          By implementing the collectivization, internationalization and branding strategy, the company has established strategic partnerships with many multinational companies. In addition to mainland China, it has been deeply engaged in the markets of United States, Brazil and the European Union and set up subsidiaries and research institutions in North America, Europe, South America, gradually forming an international business strategy layout with the United States, Brazil and mainland China as its main part and“5+1”as coordinated development.
                          With more than 20 years of efforts in strict quality control, continuous investment in R&D and effective brand building, the company has developed chlorothalonil, 2,4-D, azoxystrobin and thiocarbamate series pesticide active agents, as well as material intermediates such as MXDA AND 4E with its production scale and comprehensive technical level more competitive. Its R&D and engineering capability, customization and domestic brand business , integrated manufacturing and professional teams have enhanced its core competitiveness.
                          In the future, CAC International will further enhance its core competitiveness, uphold the common mission of“devoting to recruiting outstanding talents, pursuing advanced technologies and promoting the harmonious development among CAC, society and nature.”Through the research of the core product chain, the understanding of circular economy and the combination of the current situation and future prospects of the China's manufacturing industry, the company will create a high-standard integrated manufacturing base and strive to become the world's leading supplier of post-patent agricultural chemicals and special chemicals.

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                          Core Product:
                          2,4-D is the largest herbicide in the phenoxy acetic acids. 2,4-D can make the stems and leaves of weeds distort and swell through disturb the balance of hormones and destroy the metabolism of nucleic acid and protein; 2,4-D usually has two kinds of action modes: either growth stimulation or growth inhibition; the growth inhibition mode enables 2,4-D to be applied as a herbicide, while the growth stimulation mode enables 2,4-D to be applied as a PGR to improve the quality and yield.
                          Invention of 2,4-D is an important milestone in the agrochemical history. It first came to the market in 1945 and then was rapidly applied in cereals, maize, soybean, rice and sugarcane as the first selective herbicide. The product has been used for 70 years with low cost, good efficacy for control of broad leaf weeds and rare report of resistance. Recently, 2,4-D has been used for the control of Glyphosate resistance weeds when Glyphosate-resistance getting severe. A significant opportunity for 2,4-D is the imminent introduction of the Enlist Weed Control System from Dow, which will incorporate both glyphosate and 2,4-D tolerance into crops. It is expected that the use of 2,4-D will be further expanded in future with the commercialization of Enlist technology.
                          2,4-D industry in China has been lagging behind in the world. The traditional manufacturing process is not competitive in oversea markets because of the low quality and high pollution etc. CAC Nantong has developed an clean 2,4-D production process with more than 10 years of continuous development; breaking through 2,4-D’s key problems including high pollution, effluent treatment and low quality etc. The innovative technology was elected as the “12th Five-Year Plan technology supporting project”.
                          Below are the key advantages of CAC ’s 2,4-D clean process:
                          1.     Odorless 2,4-D technology makes products more friendly to farmers;
                          2.     The innovative clean process avoides the pollution of waste gas and effluents;
                          3.     Creative crystalline makes products no dust and better solubility, gives better environment for formulation manufacturing;
                          4.     Dominated capacity in the world ensures the stable and competitive supply;
                          5.     Participating in formulating the FAO standards and Chinese industry standards keeps the healthy development of 2,4-D industry.
                          Starting from the most difficult and complex field in the chemical industry, that is, the engineering construction service for ethylene and its downstream production facilities, Wison continues to expand its business upward and downstream to provide customers with multi-field solutions. The quality of its projects is excellent and praised by the industry.

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                          Chlorothalonil is one of the most important multi-site broad-spectrum protective fungicides in the world. Its mechanism is that chlorothalonil acts on the Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) in fungal cells and combines with the protein containing cysteine in the enzyme, thereby destroying this enzyme activity and the metabolism of fungal cells. Chlorothalonil is widely used in main kinds of crops to control plant diseases and has little risk of resistance. So far, there has been no report on Chlorothalonil resistance.
                            Since its launch in 1963, Chlorothalonil has been widely used as a major fungicide in the global market. In 2016, the global sales of Chlorothalonil amounted to $330 million, and the market demand has increased steadily. Although new fungicides enter the market, yet the problem of resistance is growing, and the more selective of single-site fungicides, the faster development of their resistance. Therefore, the importance of multi-site protective fungicides is increasing and the future market demand for Chlorothalonil will maintain a stable growth.
                          CAC has established the following unique advantages after more than 20 years of R&D and technology innovation for Chlorothalonil. 
                          1. With its own patented core catalyst and unique ammonia oxidation technology and self-production of intermediate products; 
                          2. It has an advanced production base with the advanced automation level and high standard of EHS;
                          3. With important Chlorothalonil production scale and the world’s largest single-line capacity;
                          4. It has passed the Chlorothalonil FAO equivalent assessment and helped established the national standard;
                          CAC’s technology advantage, high standard level and big scale of production will ensure the leading position of CAC in Chlorothalonil; so that CAC can continuously provide customers with more stable supply, more cost-effective and better quality products.
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                          Azoxystrobin is the largest strobilurin fungicide in the world. Its mechanism is to inhibit mitochondrial respiration of pathogenic fungi and destroy energy synthesis of pathogenic fungi. Azoxystrobin works against pathogenic fungus by 3 ways of the protective, the curative and the eradication. It has broad spectrum of disease control and works well against almost all fungal diseases, such as powdery mildew, rust, glume blight, net blotch, downy mildew and rice blast etc.
                          Azoxystrobin was first reported at the Brighton Plant Protection Conference in 1992. It entered the market in 1997 and its global sales reached $200 million in 1998 just one year after it was commercialized. The sales increased steadily year by year. By 2015, the global sales reached $1.3 billion, which was the largest agro-fungicide in the world. It accounts for nearly 10% of the global Fungicides market. At present, Azoxystrobin has been registered in hundreds of countries to control more than 500 diseases on hundreds of different crops. Due to its broad-spectrum, high efficiency, it is promoting the healthy growth of plants and the continuous decline of farmer cost. The market demand for Azoxystrobin will have big potential to grow in the future.
                          CAC has become the vital manufacturer of Azoxystrobin in China with years of continuous R&D and technological innovation of Azoxystrobin and has established the following unique advantages:  
                          1. With its own patented unique Azoxystrobin production process which can support customers to develop high-value markets.
                          2. It can produce two core key intermediates which can ensure stable production and cost competitiveness.
                          3. It has passed the Azoxystrobin FAO equivalent assessment and kept the first-class product quality.
                          All these will enable Azoxystrobin quality to be in the leading position in the country and even in the world.

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